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Each week from Monday to Friday, the News Rocky host is focused on creating quality, thought-provoking content that inspires, educated, and engages his audience. From the fake news that dominates the headlines to the political spins by political leaders, he is fighting the fake news for you and American freedom.

Do you believe everything you see in the media? Are you ready to hear the real truth?

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Episode 28 - New London Port Authority Battle

On today's show, we are covering this burning topic over the last year - New London Port Authority Battle - we had three special guests on this matter - Kevin Blacker, Pete Olsen, and Steven Farrelly.Check it out!

Episode 27 - Conspiracy, Pizza and Corruption

On today's News Rocky show, we have a very special guest - Gordon Videll, a famous attorney from the city of New London, Connecticut. This guy knows more about the dirty dark secrets of everybody playing the game out there in the world today. We talked about Epstein, the Clintons, and all that happens behind the scenes, and I can tell you, guys, every time that Gordon talks, he is usually right! Check out why!

Episode 26 - Trump Rally In Washinton DC

Today is a very exciting day across this country - people are gathering in Washington DC and they are storming The Capitol!
We have people on the line tuning in from Washington DC live and telling us their experiences from the hot spot!
Check it out!

Episode 25 - Back the Blue - Police Opposition Leader talks to News Rocky

Today is Back the Blue and we have D'Juan Eastman (Garland D'Juan Eastman) c.e.o and co-owner at Citizens Opposed to the Police States, a self-proclaimed activist, and agitator against a police state.
Check it out!

Episode 24 - Who's To Blame??!! A Chat with Protestors

News Rocky with a panel discussion - Who's to blame - protest vs. riots
Today's special guests - D'Juan Eastman, Kurt Erickson and Mark Marcy! We are going through recent events in Washington, DC, also on the movement Black Lives Matter, and much more. All of these three gentlemen are not agreed with me, so check out our discussion, it was quite interesting!

Episode 23 - Media and Mental Health

In today's show, we talked about media and mental health and how media can affect the mental health of our society.
Special guests and contributors: John Duka, a former parol officer of the state of Connecticut, who had worked in the mental health field and still continues to do that in the private sector, and Tariko Satterfield, a local activist.
Check it out!

Episode 22 - The Real McCoy! Recounting the political events since 2016

Today's show is going to be the Real McCoy!
We are getting into a number one subject, is Donald Trump is going to be impeached and why? We are going backward all the way to the year 2016 and we are commenting on the things that have happened in Washington DC and across the country. I believe that we all going to agree on a lot of facts, never mind if you are a Republican or a Democrat.
Check it out!

Episode 21 - A Chat with Bob Stefanowski

We have a special guest on today's show - Bob Stefanowski, who was the Republican Party nominee for Governor of Connecticut in 2018.
With his wife Amy, Bob Stefanowski successfully led Masks for Heroes and Masks for CT, twin programs that procured and distributed 1.2 million masks for health care professionals, essential workers, and anyone in Connecticut who needed them.
We talked with Bob about that and many other things today, take a listen to this great interview!

Episode 20 - In Your Corner - Sosa versus Jefferson Hospital

We have a special guest on today's show - Tracy Sosa, who was a nurse in Jefferson Hospital, New Jersey, serving during the COVID pandemic. We talked with Tracy about things that have happened during the pandemic
Today's story is about how corporates administrations handle situations and how they don't always handle them in the same way.
Tracy has a pending case with a lawsuit against the hospital for termination.
Take a listen to this interesting interview!

Episode 19 - Manic Monday

Today, we are updating you on the impeachment trials that are going on in DC. We have audio of the impeachment going in the background as we speak.
This impeachment didn't start last week, it didn't start with the assault of the Capitol. The thing is that they are not going to be satisfied with the departure of Donald Trump from the President's position, the goal is to forbid him to run again for any elected office.
Stay in the ring or be knocked out!

Episode 18 - Democrats Take Control!

Today is a big day! It is inauguration day in downtown Washington, DC. Everything is going wild there. The Democrats are taking control of Congress, The Senate, and The White House!
Tune in with us today, we are going to talk about the democratic control across the board, what that means for America, what that means for you.
Get in the ring with News Rocky today!

Episode 17 - The Current State of Media and Censorship

Today we are going to talk about the topic that we should all be concerned about.
Are you worried about censorship?
Are you worried about being suppressed?
Are you worry about being heard?
Are you worried about your vote?
Let's get in the ring with censorship and how it affects every one of us.

Episode 16 - Breaking Down Biden's Presidential Platform

The new 46th President of America is all sworn and ready to go!
Today we are talking about what Joe Biden did on his first day as a President and about the priorities of Joe Biden and his administration.
We, the people of America, should pay attention!
Get in the ring with News Rocky!

Episode 15 - The Comparison of Donald to Joe

In today's episode, we are going to compare two inauguration events - Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's.
Also, we are going through a serious question - where are we going, since Joe Biden already changed some policies.
Let's get down and dirty in the ring with News Rocky talking about the difference between Trump and Biden.

Episode 14 - Corporate Media LIES!

Today we are going to bring you a really interesting conversation to the show - The Fake News Corporate Media. Corporate Media tries to convince us that they are actually presenting the real news. Today we are going through some historical prove and facts when Corporate Media has created fake news. All that and much more on today's News Rocky Show! Stay in the ring!

Episode 13 - Talks to an Anonymous source about Government Conspiracy

Today we had an anonymous caller with whom we talked about the deepest and darkest secrets that are going on in American Government today facing the people. We talked about the elections, about the speculations about the Epstein case that is going with Maxwell, and much more.
Today's guest is a very important individual, he has a rich background, and because of that, we need to protect his identity.
See you in the ring!

Episode 12 - Executive Orders and Cancel Culture

Today we talked about current events, Joe Biden, cancel culture, COVID, what is happening with the economy, what is fake and what is not, and we covered a little bit about the impeachment trial! Tune in and find out what News Rocky has to say!

Episode 11 - If you didn't vote for Biden then "You Ain't Black!"

In today's episode, we have a very special guest. We talked about the statement that Corporate Media is pushing every day - "If you voted for Trump, you can't be black". Our guest's name is Kysim Lamaur.
We had an amazing talk, take a listen!
On News Rocky, we love to have a conversation that people are running away from! Stay in the ring!

Episode 10 - Suppress the PRESS Rant!

Today we are doing a recap of all the breaking news, starting with the tragic news that is coming from Florida, the impeachment trial, the executive orders, the current affairs that are happening in Washington, DC... all that and much more on today's News Rocky show!Stay in the ring!

Episode 9 - The Donald Pays Supporters?

Today's episode is about recognizing the month of February as something very special across this country - Black History Month. So, this month we are going to have as a guest a lot of my friends and have them talk about what this month means to them.
Today's special guest - Tywan Jenkins. We talked about a very serious issue in our country - a racial divide and what is it like to be a black man in America, and much more.
Make sure you stay in the ring!

Episode 8 - Wake Up America!!!!

In today's show, we are going to talk about some current events going on in this nation. We are going to talk about Washington, DC, the insider's games that are going on, is Jor Biden gathering the same team as Barack Obama, and much more!Get in the ring with News Rocky!

Episode 7 - Update From Anne Dauphinais, CT State Representative

Today I had one amazing conversation with one of my favorite people, Anne Dauphinais, CT State Representative. She is on her third term in Hartford, fighting for people of Connecticut. Anne updated us on a situation in the State of Connecticut and much more!Get in the ring with News Rocky!

Episode 6 - What Influenced the Influencer

Today's show is going to be quite interesting - we have a special guest from across the country - Abe Gurko (@wontbesilent) from California. We were talking about all the topics of the day, the political situation in this country, the divide in this country... We got some thoughts from the folks that really don't agree with the News Rocky concept, but we are here to have a respectful conversation!Tune in!

Episode 5 - Senator Heather Somers report From Hartford

On the show today our very special guest - Senator Heather Somers, serving her third term in the 18th Senate district.
We had an amazing talk with the only female Senator in Hartford!
Check us out!

Episode 4 - Is Joe Biden responsible for the destruction of the African American Community?

We have a special guest today - CEO and co-owner of Citizens Opposite to the Police States - G. D'Juan Eastman. News Rocky is fully endorsing our police, but we are open to a healthy conversation like this one!Stay in the ring!

Episode 3 - Calling Out the Lightweights

In today's episode, we are going to talk about a couple of my favorite lightweights of the year.
As far as I am concerned, these two men have made terrible decisions - one is an entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, who decided that Mavericks' won't play the National Anthem, and the other one is a politician, Joe Biden with one of the most current executive orders - a law proposition which would allow a young man who wants to identify as a young woman to compete in sports against females. Let's get in the ring, guys!

Episode 2 - Norm Pattis, Alex Jones' Attorney, in the Ring Today!

We are privileged to have on our show a super special guest today - Norm Pattis, a world-known attorney! We talked about his amazing cases throughout his big career, got his opinion on current events in our State, and much more!Check us out and stay in the ring!

Episode 1 - Cancel Culture Black History Month

On today's show, we have a special guest - Kysim Lamaur. We talked with Kysim about what Black History means to him, during this February, Black History Month, and about the politics!Stay in the ring!