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Welcome to The Hustle Reports where we focus on developing a culture of entrepreneurship (aka The Hustle Nation) by highlighting different stories of success and sharing our practical business advice!


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Episode 22 - How To Dominate in Any Business w/ Brass Knuckle Bullies

Today we are going to talk about how to dominate in any business! How to set up your winner mindset, how to work on your self-esteem, and much more! We have very special guests - the Founders of the American Stitch Lab - Joseph Herndon and Travis Chin!Check us out and enjoy!

Episode 21 - Hustling with Pebbles, Jammin' 1077 Radio Personality

Today's episode theme is - How to prospect and not being awkward about it! Find out how to prospect in sales. How to use the internet and social media for gathering valuable info? How to build your brand awareness and why is that so important? Peter and Suki had a super special guest - Pebbles, a local radio star from Jammin' 1077 Radio! She started really young and made her way into the industry! Hear all about her story and much more on The Hustle Reports!

Episode 20 - Standing Out in Marketing; The Steam Punk Episode

Welcome to another episode of The Hustle Reports! Today, Peter and Suki talked about how to get attention with your service or product, using your unique value proposition.What makes you different from others? How to stand out? Is now more difficult than ever to grab people's attention in a sea of brands and ads?They have those answers for you! They had a very special guest - David Carlson, who is a true Steam Punk pioneer in Connecticut!Check us out, you are going to love it!

Episode 19 - Do's and Dont's of Opening a Business During the Pandemic

Don't miss this episode where Peter and Suki are leading you through the steps of opening a business during the pandemic by giving you their different opinions and very valuable advice.They had a very special guest - Chassidy Chapman, founder of Let Us Women, Stand Together, a woman empowerment group.Take a listen to this amazing story of an amazing woman!

Episode 18 - If You Fail to Plan Then You Plan To FAIL!

In today's episode, Peter and Suki are talking about marketing, media, and business plans.Peter is sharing a part of his ten years of experience in marketing and giving you some very useful and practical advice!Don't miss it!

Episode 17 - Are Hustlers Made or Born

Today's episode is a must-see episode! And we mean that! Suki and Peter are going through the question - do you have to be born as a hustler or you can become one. Peter is sharing a very personal story of his own. Take a listen to his realistic, honest, inspiring, and amazing life story with a happy ending. You'll enjoy it, we promise!

Episode 16 - Quitting your Job with Special guest Kevin Booke

On today's show, Suki and Peter are going through some really interesting stuff!When is the right time to quit the job you don't like? What do you need to push you to overcome your fear of quitting the job? How to overcome your shyness? How to get in a place where you don't let other people's opinion stops you from achieving your goals? They have those answers for you! Special guest - Kevin Booker - the business owner of Booker Empowerment and a great entrepreneur! You really don't want to miss this episode!

Episode 15 - Lemonade Stand Expansion

On today's show, Peter and Suki are welcoming a very special guest - Akeem Bey, Financial Consultant/Credit Specialist who shared some valuable information on how he helps people to have their excellent credit by improving or cleaning up their credit profiles.Later on, they are going through the model of "Lemonade stand" and why it is important!You don't wanna miss this one, they have some valuable insight and advice on very interesting topics for you!

Episode 14 - How To Flip Your Stimulus

On today's show, Suki and Peter are sharing very interesting proposals on what to do with your stimulus money. Great guest - Alexis John, owner of Doll Me Up is sharing her experience of how she started her business and telling the details of her success story.Check it out!