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Our hosts - Ray Dupointe Jr, dedicated Patriots and Red Sox fan, and Chris Nott, a die-hard NY Giants and Yankee fan, have a rivalry that spans over almost every professional sport.

Join us every week and enjoy passionate sports debates between our hosts and their excellent guests!

Sports-lovers, welcome to the fun channel that covers almost everything sports-related.

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Episode 5 - Super Bowl LV Preview

In this episode, we talk Super Bowl LV predictions, Mahomes vs Brady, the greatest NFL receiving cores of all time, and Prop Bets!

Episode 4 - Baseball Hall of Shame

In this morning's episode, we talk about finding Deshaun Watson a new home, steroids, and the baseball hall of fame.Also, quick can you change a dirty diaper??

Episode 3 - UFC 257 With Kyle Mish and Inkmaster Steve Tefft

In this episode, we are in the studio with season 2 Inkmaster Steve Tefft. We talk with Kyle Mish of Mish’N Accomplished about bare-knuckle boxing and his breakdown of UFC 257!!

Episode 2 - BREAKING NEWS!!!

This episode was full of breaking news! The Yankees sign DJ and Kluber, Justin Thomas loses sponsors because of his bad mouth, USADA and UFC remove Marijuana from the drug testing list, and much more. We also break down this weekend's NFL playoff games with KevMike!

Episode 1 - Special Guest: Green Bay Packers Quarterback Tim Boyle

Ray Bones, Notter and Bryan have the amazing opportunity to talk to Connecticut Native and Green Bay Packers QB Tim Boyle. This was hands down our best interview that we have ever had on the show. We would like to thank Tim for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to talk with us. We talk Football, Tim Boyle, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, EliManning, Packers, white wine, future golf outings and laser focus. Not only did we have a great interview, but we made a great friend in the process. GO PACK GO!!